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About the Webinar

Zerto is committed to helping enterprises embrace IT Resilience with a simple, scalable solution that future-proofs technology initiatives. Join Zerto and Servnet for this webinar and learn how businesses can gain the confidence to withstand any disruption, incorporate new technology and meet changing business priorities with ease. Zerto Virtual Replication enables:

  • Seamless application mobility and portability, so organisations can easily leverage resources across public, private and hybrid clouds.
  • Automated replication and recovery with point-in-time journaling, so businesses can recover from anything, including ransomware, in minutes.
  • Freedom from hardware and hypervisor lock-in, so enterprises can leverage the best technology at the best prices.

Find out how, with Zerto leading the way in IT Resilience, organisations are able to ensure their end-users and customers always have access to the applications, data and services they need.

Join the webinar to find out how, with Zerto’s release this month of ZVR 5.0 (which includes replication to Microsoft Azure, One-to-Many replication and an all-new, SaaS delivered Mobile Monitoring App) organisations are able to ensure their end-users and customers always have access to the applications, data and services they need.

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About Servnet

Servnet is a data storage and data management solutions provider, specialising in both on-premise, cloud and hybrid-cloud technologies. Our focus is: primary storage, backup & recovery, disaster recovery, business continuity and storage analytics including all aspects of virtualisation, server technology, hyper-convergence, and networking.


Tuesday 8th November 2016 from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM GMT.

About the Speakers

Sam Kidd

Sam KiddSam Kidd is a highly experienced Account Manager with Zerto covering the London area. In his 10+ years experience within Information Technology sales, Sam has assisted countless businesses with their investment strategies and technology plans. With his specialist knowledge in the Storage space, he excels at enabling businesses to achieve both technological and business objectives, addressing increasing workload demands whilst maintaining control of costs.

Steve Blow

Steve BlowSteve Blow is a Systems Engineer covering the UK for Zerto. Prior to being at Zerto, Steve was a Solutions Architect at Pulsant for 6 years, working primarily with large, high-performance Enterprise architectures, designs, and systems. Steve has over 12 years of experience with designing, implementing, and supporting highly available solutions and prides himself on ensuring he has a comprehensive understanding of all associated business requirements. Over his career Steve has helped many Enterprise companies achieve their goals with his qualifications and technical knowledge.