What’s in store for storage for 2018?

2017 has been a busy year for data storage, with storage giants competing to innovate the fastest and most-compact flash memory technology. We’ve seen Toshiba unveil their 96-layer NAND technology, paving the way for 40% more storage per chip compared to the previous 64-layer NAND and offering an insight into lower prices for consumers and giving us a preview of what to expect in 2018. So, with the data storage industry rapidly innovating and advancing, what’s in store for storage in 2018?


Bigger, better and faster

As was the trend in 2017, we are expecting to see even more breakthroughs for data storage in the new year, with leading manufacturers unveiling denser NAND chips that will feature breath-taking speeds and higher capacities. In fact, in the past months Toshiba has teased a 128TB SSD, offering a new leader in high-capacity flash storage for data centres and enthusiasts. As demand continues to rise, flash is expected to endure as the choice of those looking for performance storage solutions, becoming more of a viable option as falling prices continue to make the technology more available.


Cloud and security

In 2017, cloud technology continued to dominate the enterprise technology space, and predictions suggest that this is only going to accelerate in the new year. A recent Forrester’s Predictions suggested that the global cloud market will be $178B in 2018, with a 22% expected compound annual growth rate.

This year has also been eventful for cyber-security, with huge scale attacks such as the WannaCry and NotPetya having a drastic impact on the cyber-security environment. This, in combination with the upcoming GDPR in 2018, security and data protection are set to become huge topics, serving as a reminder and a prompt for businesses to become aware of their cyber-security and educating themselves about the risks they face.


Preparing for 2018

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