Cisco Refresh is a refurbished product service that offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to buying new equipment. Cisco Refresh products work collaboratively with new Cisco equipment where required or as a standalone solution to meet specific demands.

Cisco Refresh products meet Cisco standards through the re-manufacture process, and rigorously tested to ensure that they can be ISO 9001/14001 certified, to offer the same performance, quality, support and even better value than brand new Cisco products. So why consider Cisco Refresh Products?

Save 25-70% Costs

Cisco Refresh allows customers to save 25-70% on genuine Cisco hardware costs. For budgets that are limited, Cisco Refresh is a more flexible option, with prices beginning at around 65% off new prices. Even when combined with new Cisco products, customers can reduce their overall costs and ensure even complex procurement requirements are catered for.

Greater Product Availability

Cisco Refresh keeps a large inventory of older/ end-of-sale models at all times, that are idea for optimizing IT resources for migration or upgrades as well as maintaining installed network configurations. Current models are stocked to provide a solution if new product availability is limited or cannot meet delivery requirements. Orders can be shipped within 24 hours as standard when in-stock.

Meets Environmental Requirements

Cisco's re-manufactured equipment allows customers to buy "greener" alternatives to buying all new products. Re-manufactured equipment is brought up to the highest standard using less energy than creating new products, which helps companies with their "green" compliance requirements. It also extends the life of existing Cisco products and reduces electronic waste.

Genuine Cisco-Sourced Products

Cisco Refresh maintains the superior quality of original Cisco products, so we make sure to source all re-manufactured products from our Authorized Channel, for the best quality assurance and the greatest protection for all customers.

Reliable Re-Manufacturing

Cisco Refresh enables you to give you customers the same peace of mind and performance as they would get buying brand new Cisco products. Each product goes through thorough inspection, testing, repair, restoration to default configuration, upgrading, cleaning, packaging and updating with a valid software licence. This is demonstrated by all products being ISO 9001/14001 certified and backed by an official Cisco warranty.

Authorised Cisco Brand

Cisco is Brand Protected and safeguarded to protect their customers and partners from unauthorized activity. It helps to ensure that counterfeit products are not sold, and that customers can rest assured that their products are genuine, Cisco-manufactured and ready-to-go.

How does Cisco Refresh compare?


New Cisco

Cisco Refresh

4,000+ current and end-of-sale products across all technology areas

Tested and certified by Cisco
Re-manufactured, tested and certified by Cisco

Software Licence
Cisco IOS software license included
Same as new

Varies - 90 days to Limited Lifetime Warranty depending on product
Same as new

Supported through Technical Assistance Center with options for different levels of support
Same as new

Sold Through
Cisco authorized channels
Same as new

25-70% savings from original new list price