Protect your business with our Advanced Security Technology

SecurityThe security of your business is about more than installing the right technology. Effectively managed security is proactive and is continually evolving in response to developments in technology, changes in your business and the threats it faces. That is why we deliver our security service through a continuous process of easy, affordable managed security information and event monitoring.

Through our security partner, we provide a 24/7/365 managed security information and event monitoring service that is more affordable and easier to use than traditional in-house solutions.

Through our service partner, we can:

• Manage your whole security infrastructure
• Effectively monitor millions of security event messages
• Detect, analyse and respond to the threats which occur in your business, in real time
• Utilise the very best security management tools available
• Ensure that highly trained security personnel monitor your systems
• Check every engineer for CCJs, credit references, fraud history and verify their qualifications