Networking LogosToday, a powerful network is the essential driving force behind business. It creates the underlying framework for making data and applications instantly available to customers, employees and partners.

At Servnet, we go far beyond optimising what customers can do over their networks. Through our close collaboration with world-leading vendors, we provide sophisticated end-to-end networking solutions that empower large enterprises and growing companies alike to rethink the way they do business.

Due to considerable investment in an infrastructure that includes a highly qualified technical team, a competitive pricing model and an unrivalled level of service, Servnet can confidently provide installation, integration and maintenance across a wide range of leading networking products. We'll help you achieve more, at less cost.

Our solutions increase network reliability and deliver exponential growth in bandwidth, while delivering competitive advantage. We enable customers to offer secure access to their business data, applications and systems in a way that was previously inconceivable.

Servnet's highly trained certified engineers guarantee quality of service, improving uptime, availability and operational efficiency while reducing costs. Our technology portfolio includes WAN, LAN, Security and IP Telephony and incorporates all the leading network vendors.

Network Maintenance

Servnet is fast becoming recognised as one of the leading IT support service providers across the UK and Ireland. Servnet's technology portfolio includes WAN, LAN, Security and IP Telephony and incorporates all the leading network vendors, including Cisco, 3Com, Nortel, Juniper, IBM, HP and Extreme Networks.

Remote Network Monitoring

Looking after networks is a full-time job and one that requires a dedicated, strategic approach to ensure that any issues are dealt with as soon as they arise. Calling engineers out after the network has gone down is inefficient and costly and can be avoided by utilising Servnet's remote network monitoring service.

Routing and Switching

Servnet will help you ensure your routing and switching networks remain optimised to support your business objectives. We share our technical knowledge and leading operational practices, complementing your internal teams. We combine a wide portfolio of routing and switching services, incorporating network assessment, network support and network learning, all of which is focused on optimising your core routing and switching network to meet future requirements, helping your team succeed with new technologies.

Voice and Unified Communications

It is widely agreed that integrating voice, data, video and mobile communications across a single network is a fundamental factor for businesses that want to streamline their technology infrastructure. By adopting a single network approach, employees also have the added benefit of 24/7 accessibility irrespective of their location or preferred technology device, ensuring that companies can adjust to customer demands quickly and efficiently.


With the growth of mobile working, organisations are looking for technology partners who can address the growing need for 'always on' wireless connectivity. Whether this is at the office, in a hotel or at an airport people recognise a wireless connection is a necessity rather than a luxury. Just as they can roam using their mobile phone, users require the same level of convenience when accessing an internet connection through a laptop or other wireless devices.

Network Security

As technologies increasingly converge onto a single IP based network organisations can become increasingly vulnerable to security breaches from internal and external threats. Organisations require stringent network security reassurance through in-depth security reviews across their network devices. Servnet has a team of security specialists who help customers across a broad spectrum of network security areas. These may include firewalls, VPN access, router and switch security, and endpoint security, all of which require the same high level of technical expertise and industry knowledge.