The Benefits of Virtualisation

Virtualisation has evolved massively over the years, constantly receiving new applications and purposes and expanding to cover new element of IT operation to improve service levels and aiding disaster recovery precautions. As the functionality expands and the benefits continue to multiply, adoption of virtualisation technology within business has grown to a point where it has become a staple of optimised IT infrastructure in mainstream business.


What is virtualisation?

Virtualisation, at its core, is about consolidating multiple physical networks and machines into a single virtual network, as well as allowing for the creation of multiple logical networks from a single physical network. This can be used within a range of infrastructure solutions to allow for an optimised network which allows the user access to a range of benefits from improved ease of management to increased network stability and agility.


Virtual infrastructure and virtualisation services

There are two popular methods of virtualisation within business operation, each offering their own unique advantages and use-cases. The first option involves a virtualisation specialist implementing the technologies on an existing clients’ server in order to deliver optimised network usability and monitoring, allowing the client to achieve increased flexibility and improved monitoring within a smaller datacentre footprint.

The second option covers use cases where the customer does not currently have an existing server solution, or where the current server needs to be replaced or retired. In this situation, an external firm can offer a virtual infrastructure package which the end user can then scale and adjust to suit their requirements at the time. This offers a vastly improved level of flexibility over a traditional, on-site server solution as well as removing the costs of purchasing, establishing and maintaining the physical hardware required to power such a setup.


The benefits of a virtual network

A virtual network solution offers a range of opportunities for cost savings over traditional server solutions, as well as presenting opportunities for optimisation and convenience that might not have been possible otherwise. This is most notable when it comes to upgradability. Having to upgrade your storage in a physical environment is an expensive procedure including purchasing new storage drives and disabling the server to implement the new drives, resulting in downtime. With a virtual network, you can simply upgrade your package with your network supplier, only upgrading when you reach capacity to ensure you are not paying for space you are not using.

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