Grid Based, Scale-Out Disk Backup

ExaGrid's hyper-converged secondary storage for backup system enables faster, more reliable backups and restores.

As a visionary in the Disk Backup market since 2006, Exagrid have revolutionised how organisations protect their data. Through its cost effective solutions, it has addressed two growing concerns of many organisations today:

  • how to protect and manage an ever‐increasing amount of data
  • how to do so at less cost

To achieve this, Exagrid have focussed on four fundamental objectives that all organisations strive for:

  • provide the shortest possible backup window;
  • ensure a consistent backup window no matter how much data grows in the future;
  • make it easy and quick to restore or recover data; and
  • fix backup once and fix it forever.

Exagrid Architecture

In comparison to a scale up architecture by other vendors, Exagrid’s unique Grid-based, scale out architecture has no theoretical limits. This award-winning, unique architecture along with its zone level approach to deduplication has enabled a number of organisations to reap the following benefits:

  • consistent backup window regardless of data growth
  • fastest restores
  • fastest offsite tape copies
  • fastest instant recoveries