How important is fast, reliable storage in modern business?

Data storage has come a long way since the world’s first hard disk drive in 1956, since which time, hard disk, NAND and flash storage have become a key staple or enterprise and end user applications. New, NAND reliant, SSD technologies have become so advanced that manufacturers have outgrown the typical standard SATA connection, developing dedicated storage that utilises the PCI Express connection, along with updated M.2 and U.2 SATA interfaces, allowing for faster transfer speeds than ever before. So, what does this mean for modern business data storage and high-availability environments?


The importance of fast, reliable storage

As a business, you rely on your virtual storage for all of your emails, documents, marketing material, customer information, graphics, databases and more. Every file that you access through your computer is stored somewhere on your machine, or on a connected server. Especially in a server, where the storage is potentially being accessed by multiple machines at a time, it is important that your storage is fast and reliable, being able to meet the demands of your business applications and ensuring the long-term protection of your data.


Recent Trends in Storage

In recent years the trend in storage has been ‘bigger and better’. Storage manufacturers have been striving to create the highest capacity and fastest storage possible, as highlighted by Seagate’s recent 60TB SAS SSD, which promises ultra-dense NAND technology, ideal for large storage arrays, active archives and read-intensive environments.

With digital storage solutions reaching speeds and capacities that could have only been dreamt of just decades ago, many of the high-end storage solutions find their home in vast, enterprise-grade storage solutions, such as high-availability and demand servers and rendering environments, but what is right for your business?


Optimising Your Virtual Storage Solution

When it comes to getting the most out of your business infrastructure and current storage solutions, it’s important to consider future scalability and ensure that you have an effective backup system in place to keep you operating in the event of hardware failure or accidental data erasing.

The best option is to speak to a storage expert, who will be able to assess your individual business requirements and create a bespoke plan to help you ensure your storage requirements are up to spec and can provide the peace-of-mind that you deserve.

To find out more, get in touch with one of our specialist storage solution engineers and book your free storage assessment by calling 0845 075 5566 today.

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