Servnet has partnered with Syneto to deliver Hyper-converged products

Servnet are proud to announce that they have recently partnered with Syneto, who offer Hyper-converged products that are uniquely designed to meet the performance, safety and budget requirements for SMEs that also include powerful data recovery.

The basics of Hyper-convergence

Unlike traditional IT infrastructures, hyper-converged solutions combine everything into one single server, which simplifies the whole stack and makes the infrastructure easier to manage. For example, a traditional infrastructure may include servers, the network and storage as separate elements, whereas a hyper-converged infrastructure will combine the servers, storage and network into one single hypervisor.

What does Hyper-convergence offer?

Hyper-convergence means bringing together computing, storage, networking and virtualization to create a software-centric infrastructure that offers a number of benefits to users. These benefits include:

Easier infrastructure management

Hyper-convergence takes the different elements of your IT infrastructure and simplifies it into a manageable system that is easy to use and manage. Traditionally, IT infrastructures will combine many different components, each of which uses a different vendor-specific interface, which makes it challenging to deploy new IT resources. Hyper-convergence means that there is just one single management interface from one vendor.

Reduced costs

Operating costs are decreased in return for increased functionality and productivity when using a hyper-converged infrastructure. Capital expenditure is minimised as the whole infrastructure is bought from one vendor at a lower price instead of individually buying the different elements from multiple providers.  Scaling is also cost-effective as well as updates and operating costs being lower – all in return for improved efficiency.

Faster deployment and data recovery

Hyper-converged systems can recover data much more quickly than traditional infrastructures and therefore offer faster RTO times following downtime. This is because traditional setups need each element to be configured and deployed individually, and recovered one by one too, meaning that recovery times can be unnecessarily long. Hyper-converged structures allow vm-centric backups to take place, as well as replication, so this makes the recovery process much quicker.

Improved data protection

Data corruption poses a huge threat to traditional infrastructures, and using external backup software may not always be effective due to human error and interoperability problems, so this is not always reliable. As part of the disaster recovery setup, hyper-converged infrastructures offer integrated data protection and corruption detection capabilities. There is no risk of data loss due to downtime and recovery is automated and smooth as hardware and software components are designed from the outset to work perfectly together.

Servnet are proud to be able to partner with Syneto to deliver new hyper-convergence products to our customers. To find out more about this partnership or find out more about these new solutions, please give Servnet a call today on 0203 666 5222.

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