Software support now available for NetApp and EMC Storage product lines

Servnet now offers software support (updates and OS support) on EMC (Isilon, VNX, VNXe AX and CX) and NetApp (FAS, Filers and V-Series) storage devices.

At Servnet, we understand the impact and business criticality when storage systems fail in service. That's why leading organisations across the UK trust Servnet to ensure their storage systems are in continual service and that there is data safe.

Our team of experienced, manufacturer-trained engineers have SC, NPPV L3 and CRB clearance and are there to resolve storage faults as quickly and practically as possible within SLA.

Storage maintenance – How we save you money:

Like every business, you’re under constant pressure to get the best possible value out of your IT budget. You’re also keen to minimise your environmental impact.

We support you in achieving these goals by:

Cutting capital expenditure – It’s our job to extend the life of your storage systems and delay capital expenditure costs as long as possible while making sure your IT equipment is functioning perfectly, and to its optimal performance. Supplying parts as well as carrying out on-site engineer based and monitored maintenance, Servnet deliver critical support services long after the manufacturer’s warranty expires and provides you with a far more cost effective alternative to post warranty vendor maintenance or an un-wanted hardware refresh. After all and as we know, hardware vendors are in the business to sell you new hardware platforms!

Reducing operating costs – Fact… Our storage maintenance services saves our customers around 40% compared to the same post warranty services and on the same if not better SLA provided by manufacturers.

Outsourcing systems administration and OS support – When you outsource your systems admin and operating system support to Servnet, you cut your costs even more as well as freeing up resources and enjoying essential extra cover for sick leave and holidays.

Making environmental savings – Extending its life, which is what our services provide, means you cut the impact environmental by as much as a third.

Please contact our solutions team with your maintenance requirements.

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