The role of disaster recovery in business

Disaster recovery is all about contingency. In the event of a disaster, whether via cyber-attack, natural disaster, or critical hardware failure, your business needs to be able to ensure a rapid recovery. This is essential in business, as downtime can cause customers to become frustrated and lose trust with your brand, and in the event that there is significant data loss, you can face vast setbacks, threatening the survival of your business.


Creating a disaster recovery plan

Disaster recovery is an integral part of your business’ risk management, and must be accounted for in your business plan. A disaster recovery plan is a recognition of the risk of a disaster, creating a plan for the rapid recovery of all your business assets. This empowers you to get back up and running in a fraction of the time, without the stress of attempting to establish and account for the lost assets, as well as allowing you to avoid the potentially lengthy and expensive process of trying to rebuild with missing data.

A disaster recovery plan should include a series of effectively managed and regularly updated back-ups, as well a planned method of transferring these back-ups to your core server in order to get your essential systems operational. Managing this internally however can be demanding, and it’s easy to miss areas that you might not consider, which can waste time and resources recreating.


Disaster Recovery as a Service

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is ideal for businesses looking to outsource their disaster recovery to the experts, as it allows for them to easily account for every aspect of their infrastructure in a secure, and effectively managed manner. This empowers businesses to experience a significantly higher degree of flexibility and customisability to meet their unique needs.

A specialist DRaaS solution allows users to quickly and easily restore replicated environments, test a range of replicated environments without impacting your operations, manage specific replication intervals and test your transfer speed to gain an idea of real-world recovery time.


Data storage and management experts

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can protect your business and ensure your recoverability in the event of a disaster, the best option is to speak to the experts.

Servnet are experts in data management and recovery, working with you to create a bespoke plan that ensures the rapid and smooth recovery of all critical and non-critical data after a disaster, empowering you to be back up and running in no time, ensuring minimal to no disruption for customers. Give us a call today on 0845 075 5566 to find out more.

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