Why should businesses consider using cloud backups?

Small businesses through to the largest multinational corporations all deal with the same issue – cyber security. This is one essential part of business operations regardless of the scale of the business, since there are serious consequences to be faced if data protection is compromised.

Why is it important to back up data?

Data backups are incredibly important from a practical perspective, since they allow your business to function. For example, the data you hold includes internal financial and staff information, as well as external customer information. This data is what allows your business to operate, and if it were to be compromised or lost, this causes significant issues that can stop businesses continuing as normal. 

This also opens up a string of legal implications where companies are held responsible by law for keeping data secure, under the Data Protection Act 1998, which can lead to financial penalties, long-term brand damage and even business closure if the impact caused is big enough. With this in mind, what does a cloud backup solution offer that a typical backup to internal servers cannot?

#1 Flexibility for employees

One of the biggest advantages of cloud backup is that it offers greater working flexibility to employees, who are able to access the data needed for everyday work processes on the go, at home or in another location with an internet connection. This makes working easier and more productive as well as the perk of working from home itself.

#2 Security is improved

Security is another advantage of using cloud backups, which offer backups that take place offsite. This means that not only is this more secure if your premises or hardware is compromised, but protects data where it is not vulnerable to theft, fire, floods or any other physical damage onsite that could cause data to be lost or extremely difficult to recover.

#3 Straightforward backup solution

Cloud backups make many elements within the business easier, including overall data management and restoration. It can improve RTO times if in-house data is lost, and data can be restored much more quickly, which means that if downtime occurs, your customers will see very little of this impact.

#4 Cloud-based backups are cost effective

Cloud backup solutions allow businesses to pay for what they use, not a larger capacity. It is easily scalable without the need to buy more hardware to store greater volumes of data as business grows, but means that customers save hardware hosts internally, whilst benefitting from secure and fully managed backups.

#5 Automatic backups

The Cloud also allows backups to be scheduled automatically and on a regular basis. This means that it requires minimal input and maintenance and doesn’t take additional time internally or for your customers to know that their data is safe and secure.

Cloud technology is just one area that is evolving and improving over time, and Servnet work hard to stay up to date and provide engineers who have experience with all of the latest setups and solutions.

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