ExaGrid, supported by a wide variety of mainstream Backup software vendors, is a Scale-out disk backup system that offers multiple benefits over other vendors.

It is a cost effective solution for disk-based backup retention, with no additional software licensing required. Through its popular “Fixed Price Promise” on support renewals and upgrades, ExaGrid have been winning opportunities against other vendors that often catch customers by surprise with their high renewal and upgrade costs. With price predictability, this enables organisations to better manage budget forecasting and future upgrades.

Unlike competing vendors who’s throughput performance is limited by their controller’s ability to ingest more data as it grows, ExaGrid’s unique Scale-out architecture enhances the backup performance with every additional node meaning organisations do not have to worry about performance limitations or forklift upgrade costs.

Its unique landing zone also leverages an organisation’s investment in expensive backup software that provide instant VM restores, without having to rehydrate the data first – thus allowing customers to restore VMs easily and quicker. Whereas most competing products will require the data to be rehydrated prior to performing an instant VM restore.

What is the webinar about and when is it?

On 8th February at 10:30am we are hosting our webinar which will cover various aspects of ExaGrid such as the below:

How ExaGrid can help you reduce the Financial and Technical challenges with managing Backup and just as importantly – Recovery.

  • Introduction to ExaGrid
  • “The Bottleneck” - Current challenges in maintaining small backup windows
  • “Is your hardware leveraging your backup software capability” - Current challenges in VM Recovery
  • “Database Backup Agents” – Do you really need Backup Application Agents?
  • Will any vendor GUARANTEE you cost of future support renewal or upgrade cost on initial purchase?
  • How to find out more?
  • Q&A

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About the Speaker

Christopher Snell

Chris has worked in Backup and Disaster Recovery across his 18 years in the IT industry, working for a variety of large organisations like EMC and Veritas, along with exceptional startups like PlateSpin, Veeam, Zerto and of course ExaGrid.