Hyper-converged infrastructures have been rapidly gaining in popularity in recent years - but what exactly are they? And more importantly, why are they important for your business?

Servnet have partnered with Syneto to host a live webinar covering the basics of setting up and managing a hyper-converged infrastructure, as well as offering an insight into some of the most significant advantages compared to a traditional architecture.

Modern IT is too complex.
Hyperconvergence makes it simple.

The world of modern IT infrastructure is complex and difficult to manage.
It is a mix of servers, data storage platforms, networking switches and
backup infrastructure. Opting for a hyperconverged infrastructure allows
you to remove the complexity, cost and time investment, to enjoy a range
of benefits including:

Simplified management
Reduced costs
Increased efficiency
Faster deployment & recovery
Remove risk of data loss

For a more detailed explanation of the benefits offered by a hyper-converged infrastructure, and to find out how you can experience the benefits within your business, fill in your details in the form to the right to register your interest in our upcoming webinar.