Maxta is an software-only hyperconvergence system that offers a more cost-effective alternative than traditional storage solutions.

Many appliance-based hyperconvergence solutions are expensive as they require the repurchasing or software licences when refreshing the hardware, and adding capacity can only be done by adding a node. Maxta Hyperconvergence Software frees customers from these upgrade cycles and combines servers, storage and networking into a single server tier. This enables users the ability to choose when they use hardware and the hypervisor, within a more transparent infrastructure solution.

Servnet are hosting a Maxta Webinar to provide more information about the solution and answer any questions.

What is the webinar about and when is it?

On 1st February from 10am - 10:30am we are hosting our webinar which will cover all aspects of Maxta such as the below:

1. How hyper convergence can help you on your journey of digital transformation.

a. Introduction to hyper convergence
b. Hyper Convergence Approaches
c. Protecting your investment.
d. Benefits of hyper convergence to your business.
e. How to find out more.

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About the Speaker


Chris is an 18 year veteran of the IT industry having worked in both the SMB and Enterprise space with and users, VAR’s and vendors.

Prior to his tenure at Maxta he spent 6 years helping customers and partners design data protection solutions with Veeam.


"We run a pretty tight ship in our engineering department. I don't want to have onsite storage engineers at every location. Because Maxta is so maintenance-free, I don't have to double or triple or quadruple my staff. If you calculate that cost over years, I'm saving a ton of money."

- Larry Chapman, IT Manager at TruSource Labs

Freedom to Choose

Maxta offers customers the freedom to choose their exact setup, without locking them into a hypervisor or hardware platform. Maxta's software-only solution gives customers a choice of hardware and hypervisors and supports major platforms including VMware, vSphere, Ret Hat Enterprise Visualization Platforms, and server vendors such as Cisco, Dell-EMC, HP Enterprise, Huawei Lenovo and Super Micro.

Reduced Costs and Maintenance

Maxta Hyperconvergence Software also reduces major maintenance and costs for their customers since, unlike traditional storage solutions, there is no requirement to re-buy software or add nodes in order to scale up. There is no "refresh" tax when new hardware is refreshed, and scaling up is made easier through adding capacity within existing nodes or adding converged compute and storage nodes.

Performance and Availability

Performance and availability are optimized through Maxta on a per VM and per vDisk basis. Mixed workloads can be run on the same cluster without affecting the performance of the application, therefore cutting costs for customers in comparison to traditional storage solutions, which only offer the ability to create and manage storage objects like LUNs or volumes.