Servnet utilises Centrify to deliver
Multi-factor Authentication solutions

Passwords alone are not sufficient to protect your IT infrastructure from security threats such as data breaches, fraud and other cyber-attacks.

In fact, passwords are often the weakest element within your security measures, and this is where Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) comes in.

MFA can strengthen your internal security in a user-friendly way across your entire enterprise, without frustrating users. Servnet works in partnership with Centrify to deliver Multi-factor Authentication solutions to our customers, to give them the highest possible levels of security.

What does Multi-factor Authentication look like?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) works by simply adding an additional layer of security than standard password entry provides. This can be in the form of extra information being required to gain access to applications, servers, networks or files, and reduces the likelihood of third-party access to confidential information. The most common cause of a data breach within organisations is credentials that have been compromised, so MFA aims to combine different elements to prevent access without all of this information. This can combine credentials, authenitcation through a designated device and even personal recognition.

Something you know

This can include data that you use to log in such as usernames, passwords, security questions or PIN codes.

Something you have

One-time passcodes can be sent via text, email or call to mobiles or other devices, or Smart Cards required for access to information.

Something you are

Biometrics is another form of Multi-factor authentication, and this can include using your fingerprint, voice recognition or retina scanning.

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