BNP Paribas LogoMany organisations urgently need to invest in their IT

Over the last few years, the economic crisis has pushed some companies to hold off from IT investment. Some are now in a position to upgrade, having built up sufficient cash reserves; others have no capital to invest. But with many systems reaching breaking point, no business can truly afford to wait any longer. However, should those lucky enough to have capital reserves really spend them in one hit? And on IT – which doesn't directly generate revenue? And what can those without capital do to protect their interests?

Financing allows you to pay for your IT solution with revenue budget rather than financial capital. That means virtually any business can afford to get the technology it really needs. And those who have saved capital can reinvest it into the business.

The right IT estate from the outset – no compromise

When funding IT upgrades with cash, companies often feel the need to compromise on their solution to reduce costs. With financing, however, your customers can acquire all of the hardware and software their business really needs from the outset, with no compromises.

Flat, manageable repayments

Financing means there are no surprises. No big service or support charges every year; just regular manageable payments for the lifetime of the contract.

Protect and reinvest vital cash reserves

IT is a critical business asset – but it doesn't generate revenue. Financing is therefore the most sensible way to fund IT investment, as it allows your customers to spend any cash reserves on activities that are designed to make the business money.

A more cost-effective upgrade path

Because IT is funded through the revenue budget, it's very cost-effective for customers to upgrade or augment their IT estate. It's often also quicker and easier to get such projects started, as the decision to invest is not of board-level interest.

An accelerated return on investment

In a deal financed by capital, return on investment can sometimes take years to achieve. Through financing, however, the returns are faster, and can far outweigh the payments made.

Very flexible end-of-term options

Because payments are manageable, it's often very attractive for customers to start a new contract when they reach the end of their term. We offer very flexible end-of-term options, and can arrange for customers to retain, augment or upgrade their solution as they wish. Alternatively, they can return it within 30 days.