Our philosophy of focussing on the end-user experience follows a dual-pronged approach. In addition to investigating the networking infrastructure, we also include members of the technical and business staff from your IT function as well as a cross-section of the user community. This approach reveals details of the infrastructure from a technical and commercial perspective, and also provides an insight into what the symptoms are from the user perspective. In our experience, taking a broad consultative approach, rather than jumping straight in to interrogate the network, is often overlooked at this important 'Information discovery' stage.


In our experience, when an application performance issue is apparent on your network, it's usually the case that more than one problem is affecting the infrastructure. This 'multiple-fault' scenario often makes the resolution process more challenging, frequently resulting in the perception that the problem is intractable. With a true end-to-end understanding of all the 'transactions' that take place in support of the operation of your business applications, Servnet can identify the fault, or faults, and review these with you. We will portray these in a way that makes it easy to identify problems in relation to each other.

Application Profiling

Our Application Profiling Service enables a more clearly defined view of an application environment to be established. The deployment of a new application is often a costly exercise, both in terms of the time and resources needed for a successful roll-out. At the planning stage, the resources required are often unclear, with a degree of anecdotal hearsay often playing a large part in determining what will be required. In order to determine how successfully an application is going to perform over a corporate network, it's important to establish an understanding of how it operates in relation to the different tiers of the system. This can involve Web, SQL or other types of communication, which need to be measured and analysed.

Network Optimisation

In any corporate network infrastructure, a number of different applications, each with their own unique operational requirements, compete for bandwidth on a shared infrastructure. The infrastructure will be unique to each organisation, with its own issues, perhaps relating to bandwidth 'bottlenecks', topology restrictions, configuration errors or rogue application traffic. There are technologies aligned to wide-area networking services that can apply a degree of governance in terms of traffic control. However, these are fairly brutal, ultimately employing dropping packets as the control mechanism when congestion occurs. There are now more sophisticated mechanisms for controlling traffic flow. Our Network Optimisation Service enables us to introduce greater efficiencies to how your business applications interact with, and operate over, your corporate WAN. This results in an enhanced user application experience, with substantially reduced application transaction latency. In addition, deploying the Network Optimisation Service has a direct and demonstrable link to driving a substantial improvement in the bottom line of your business through reduced WAN bandwidth requirements.

Performance Monitoring

Once we have resolved your applications performance issues, and your business is operating efficiently and utilising corporate network resources effectively, it makes sense to take precautionary steps to ensure that performance problems do not re-occur and any new issues are identified and dealt with quickly. The Performance Monitoring Service is designed to provide you with a predictable, stable applications environment once 'normal services' have been resumed. This 'normalised' platform then gives you peace of mind while you work towards achieving your business goals, supported by a reliable, effective business applications platform. The Performance Monitoring Service provides end-to-end, 24/7 monitoring of your applications and system performance. We ensure the monitoring solution is implemented and functioning optimally. Your staff are trained, enabling them to use the Performance Monitoring Service, and can call on Servnet staff to provide expert assistance in diagnosing and resolving any issues promptly.