Simplivity - Revolutionizing Data Centers

Only SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure delivers the enterprise-class performance, protection, and resiliency that you require, with the cloud economics your business demands.

SimpliVity’s hyperconverged infrastructure is revolutionizing the data center, virtualizing data and assimilating all IT infrastructure and services below the hypervisor into x86 building blocks. With SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure you get the best of both worlds: the enterprise-class performance, protection, and resiliency that you require, with the cloud economics your business demands.

The foundation of SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure is the OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform software and its revolutionary OmniStack Accelerator Card. The Data Virtualization Platform is SimpliVity’s data architecture, a globally-aware file system with data optimization techniques that enables a single, shared, scalable compute and storage resource pool across multiple sites, and provides highly-efficient data storage, management, and mobility. The OmniStack Accelerator Card is a purpose-built PCIe card that offloads OmniStack’s global inline deduplication, compression, and optimization processes to ensure primary CPU resources are available to serve business applications.


SimpliVity’s Accelerated Data Efficiency

SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure optimizes data at inception, dramatically reducing required storage capacity and network bandwidth while accelerating performance. SimpliVity’s global inline deduplication, compression and optimization of data at inception results in less data being transferred and stored, and eliminates redundant reads/writes, improving performance. The result? On average, SimpliVity customers’ storage is 40 times more efficient with an increase in application performance.

SimpliVity’s Built-In Data Protection

SimpliVity takes a different approach to backup, recovery and disaster recovery. Data protection is built in and ultra-efficient. As a result, customers reduce backup times from hours to seconds, and have RPOs and RTOs that were previously unimaginable. Since it’s a base feature in SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure, it eliminates the need for traditional backup software and hardware solutions.

Global Unified Management

SimpliVity enables centralized management using familiar interfaces such as VMware vCenter, VMware vRealize Automation, Cisco UCS Director, OpenStack, and more. With SimpliVity, all resources and workloads in a multi-node and multi-site federation, as well as public cloud connectivity, are controlled by a single IT professional—radically streamlining operations.

SimpliVity’s offers choice

We’ve architected our OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform to work with any server or OS virtualization technology, any management tool, any x86 server, and any cloud provider.

SimpliVity’s delivers value

74% of SimpliVity customers realize value within 1 week to 1 month after deploying SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure.

SimpliVity Increases Operational Efficiency and Agility.

Global Unified Management allows for centralized management of the global resource pool, workloads and policies, increasing operational efficiency. Integration with VMware vCenter and tools such as VMware vRealize Automation, Cisco UCS Director, and OpenStack minimizes the training required for operational staff.

SimpliVity’s reduces TCO

Over half (57%) of SimpliVity customers improved performance by 50% or more with SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure.

SimpliVity Mitigates Risk

After deploying SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure, 63% of customers achieved recovery in minutes. On average, 44% of SimpliVity customers surveyed saw a decrease in recovery time.