Managing Big Data

  • 05 May, 2016

Project Description

Servnet Big Data Webinar

What is Big Data?

  • Understand the value of Harnessing Big Data
  • Solutions to Cater for Big Data

Big Data is both structured and unstructured by its very nature and it is growing on a daily basis. Capacity is not what is important about Big Data, it’s how an organisation manages and leverages the data that is really important.

In this 20 minute webinar we discuss Big Data, how it is impacting more and more organisations, some of the drivers behind its massive growth and we investigate solutions to help manage and maximise their data effectively and efficiently.

  • How to manage data growth with scale-out storage platforms
  • How Software-defined solutions can give you serious advantages in the most demanding environments


Servnet Managing Big Data Webinar.

Download the slides here.