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Be it physical, virtual or whether infrastructure is managed on-premise, off-premise or delivered from the Cloud, IT Managers are increasingly faced with challenges around Data Protection and Recovery. This is an essential operation required to protect the continuity of your Business. But at the same time, managing backups and restores can consume 25% of your time and that’s when it works! There is a whole list of other factors that can make this critical operation more contrived and tedious - slow backup windows, failed backup jobs, poor recovery SLAs and tape management, add this to the mix and the problems become bigger.

To alleviate these potential issues, more and more organisations are turning to a Managed Backup Service to free up their time allowing them to focus on more critical issues within the business.

Introducing CX:Protect – Servnet’s Managed Backup Service powered by the industry leader CommVault. By employing our CX:Protect service, your backups are managed and monitored 24/7 by a team of highly skilled experts ensuring protection of your data at all times. Furthermore, your data is also backed up via AES-256 encryption (in transit and at rest) to two Tier-3, ISO 27001 certified, geographically separate DC’s to deliver a highly resilient dual infrastructure solution.

Protecting Your Data – Hybrid or Cloud

CX:Protect provides a unified data management solution protecting data in the most appropriate way ensuring that it can be recovered efficiently when it is needed.

Data can be protected purely to CX:Protect’s private cloud where it is replicated to a second Data Centre or we can implement a hybrid model whereby a copy is retained on a customer’s site using our SiteCache appliance.

SiteCache is an intelligent appliance which enables frequent restore point objectives and delivers rapid restore time objectives whilst intelligently managing bandwidth to ensure that data is trickled to the cloud during production worktimes with the ability to maximize bandwidth usage during times where demand is lower.

Smart technology

CX:Protect uses technology called Global Data Deduplication to help reduce data transfers by up to 95%.

Our Global Data Deduplication is performed at the client side and works on a data block level. This allows CX:Protect to work more efficiently by only sending new or changed data that does not exist currently within your data protection solution.

This smart technology not only saves you storage space, with reduced space needed to store data, it speeds up the backup process and saves you potential bandwidth both inside and outside of your organisation, pending on the deployment type used.

Extending Your Reach to Public Cloud

Do you have data sources within Public Cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure? Workloads in public cloud are always on but how is the data protected?

CX:Protect can seamlessly extend your data protection coverage across public cloud platforms with full data protection and restoration from public cloud to CX:Protect’s hosted platform.


Enable Compliance through tailored Data Retention Periods

Apply retention periods globally to ensure that each data set is stored for the correct periods of time to meet organizational or legislative compliance. CX:Protect provides complete flexibility to apply retention policies at a granular level across the estate.

Features to Protect Your Data More Effectively

Global Deduplication – Source side Global Deduplication reduces backup size and bandwidth requirements

VMware & Hyper-V Granular Recovery – Recover files or folders from your Virtual Machines

Redundancy – Your data is replicated to a 2nd Data center, ensuring it is always available

Secure - Data is encrypted (AES-256) in transit and at rest

Managed Service – We design, setup and manage your service, giving you peace of mind

Single Interface – for on-premise, private and public cloud workload data management

Data Management Policies - Apply globally and manage data sets according to preferences

Complete Data Mobility – AWS, Azure, CX, Rackspace, Adapt etc.

Management Reporting – single interface for consistent management reporting of data activities

Additional Info

Minimum 5TB’s required to qualify for the 6 months free offer

15p per GB per month is based on a 3 year contract term, otherwise 20p per GB per month (minimum 1 year contract)

Optional Site Cache appliance available for easy local restores – cost depends on volume of data (one off charge)

On-boarding Admin Cost - required (one off charge)

For further information please email our CXProtect team, call Balan Sundram on 0203 666 5205 or complete the below form: