All-Flash & Hybrid

  • 26 Aug, 2016

EMC Unity delivers a unified storage solution with a modern design approach. The EMC Unity range of storage sets new standards in simplicity, flexibility and affordability - with a rich and full feature set of capabilities, designed as a unified (NAS/SAN), flash or hybrid solution delivering flash performance with the cost advantage of disks, an ideal fit for an organisations mixed application set, or even single application remote office use. 

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The new Unity range deliver powerful features which were only previously available on higher end solutions including hybrid capability: SSD/SAS/NL with autotiering, real-time SSD caching and inline compression**. Host connectiviy is provided via 10GbE NAS/iSCSI and 16Gbps Fibre Channel. Whilst architecture optimisation  enables the Unity range to deliver up to 3X the performance, compared to the current EMC VNX 5000 range – delivering up to 300K IOPS. 

Why should you choose EMC Unity? 

  • A cost effective, unified storage solution, native CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, SAN and VMware vvols from a base 2U footprint with no requirement for additional gateway or header hardware. 
  • Optimised for flexibility – select SAS disk, NL-disk, SSD and upto 6TB*** SSD read/write caching, either from factory or retro fit. 
  • Single UI and for both block and file operations, improving management efficiency. 

What are the benefits of EMC Unity?

  • Simple: Streamlined installation, slick user interface with an intuitive cloud enabled management and proactive support. 
  • Easy to understand pricing model, all features included, no complex tiering/licensing system. 
  • Modern: Utilising the latest technology, designed for flash and supporting 3D NAND TLC plus traditional spinning disks. 
  • Supporting NAS, SAN, VMware vvols, REST API and Openstack with a rich feature set inc: internal tiering, snaps, replication, encryption and cloud tiering. 
  • Flexible: Available as hybrid, “all-flash” and even software defined, Unity is flexible enough to support virtually any requirement. 
  • Start small and scale, mix and match disk sizes and types based on performance application drivers. 
  • Affordable: Enables cost effective consolidation and management of multiple workloads and workload types into a single storage system. 
  • Based on a reliable, cost-effective architecture, leveraging years of expertise which enable EMC to deliver capability, performance and protection at an attractive price point.

Why choose Servnet as your support and installation EMC Unity partner?

Servnet is a data storage and data management solutions provider, specialising in both on-premise, cloud and hybrid-cloud technologies. Our focus is: primary storage, backup & recovery, disaster recovery, business continuity and storage analytics including all aspects of virtualisation, server technology, hyper-convergence, and networking. Since 2003, Servnet has provided a wide range of technology solutions that have been delivered within budget and exceeded our clients’ expectations. Our aim is to deliver customer satisfaction without compromise. 


Servnet is part of EMC’s prestigious Unity ‘Flash Club’ which means we have a Unity 300F at our disposal for potential customers to evaluate. Please call or email our EMC Unity team at for further information.